Following the solar eclipse in Cancer on 2 July, we see a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn today, 16 July 2019. During a lunar eclipse, the light of the full Moon is temporarily cut off as the Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow (see image below). Depending on how much of the Moon passes through this shadow, we get a partial or total lunar eclipse.

Lunar eclipses always take place during a full Moon. When the Moon is fully illuminated, we can see situations and people clearly for what they are – unlike at a new Moon, when there is no light and we are left in the dark. Astrologically, the full Moon brings a swelling of situations and culminating events. We gain insights into the results of past actions and attitudes and can evaluate and discern more objectively.

A lunar eclipse amplifies the effects of a full Moon greatly. Here, we may experience either a power surge or a power outage. Unlike a solar eclipse, where the Sun and the Moon are occupying the same sign, a lunar eclipse brings together the two signs the Sun and Moon are occupying. This lunar eclipse is in Capricorn – a cardinal, action-oriented sign – and includes its counterpart Cancer (the current position of the Sun).

On a personal level, a pull might now come to a head between our need to achieve in the material world through our work and career endeavours and our need to care for our home, family and loved ones. We can now see clearly how we may favour one over the other and may well be motivated to find a more balanced approach.

This lunar eclipse brings to a head events and situations associated with all things Capricorn: big corporations and governments, heads of state and authority figures in our lives (e.g. father, landlord, boss, doctor, etc.). These people may now experience sudden changes, restructuring and shifts in power. Bans, verdicts and decisions can occur suddenly and be life-altering.

Small businesses are ruled by Cancer and are therefore also affected. The potential for floods, droughts, mudslides and seismic activity increases (e.g. the earthquakes in the Los Angeles area last week). Buildings, construction, and the control of countries and boundaries can be impacted. Cancer also rules women, family matters, our home, our emotions and the public mood.

The effects of a lunar eclipse in Capricorn are strong and fast, occurring up to two weeks before the eclipse day and lasting from between three months to a year after.

To determine if this eclipse will have an impact on you or not depends on the following:

  • An accurate birth time for your natal chart.
  • If the degree of the lunar eclipse is within 3° of a natal planet, angle or other point of interest (midpoints etc.) in your natal chart.

For example, if a planet is conjunct, square or opposite the eclipse by 3°, the planet’s sign and house placement will be emphasised and there are opportunities for old patterns to change in this area. Astrologers use different orbs; I use a 3° orb. Having said that, if the eclipse falls within 1° of a planet or angle, making a conjunction, opposition or square to it, it will have a dramatic effect on all matters the planet symbolises. 

It is important to note that this eclipse is heavily influenced by transiting Pluto in the sky, conjunct within 3° of the Moon, adding all things Plutonic to the equation. In our personal lives, this can bring events that are deep and intense, revelatory experiences, results coming from in-depth research, feelings of power or powerlessness, transformation or rebirth. We can be overcome by determination and focus to dig deep in areas of non-mainstream, esoteric and taboo subjects. Cathartic cleansing processes can now take place and help us let old habits and views die. Pluto also rules the underworld with its shadowy people and dark practices, bringing to light secrets that have been buried or veiled.


Example chart: Jeffrey Epstein with lunar eclipse conjunct his natal Mercury (communication, thinking, views, mobility) conjunct transiting Pluto (transformation, revelation, change in power). Epstein was arrested on 6 July 2019 on the basis of sex trafficking charges. Natal Mercury in Capricorn, if expressed without maturity and awareness, can be unwilling to accept any rules or authorities. Pluto transits reveal and purge all that is no longer working and that which is self-serving and not in alignment with social norms and the greater good of the collective. Here, the effect of this transit was triggered and amplified by the eclipse. As transiting Mercury is also retrograde, this is an ongoing case and currently stalling (e.g. upcoming bail hearings).


Eclipses come in cycles and are repeated approximately every 18 years (Saros cycle). If this eclipse has a strong effect on you, you may wish to reflect on what happened in your life during the previous cycle, 18 years ago.

Concerning its strength, a partial lunar eclipse is less potent than a total lunar eclipse, and an eclipse at your location has a stronger impact on you than an eclipse somewhere else. Some astrologers say that solar eclipses are more potent than lunar eclipses, while others see it the other way around.

This lunar eclipse is also at the South Node, which generally has a more challenging impact than a North Node eclipse. Having said that, a South Node eclipse can also bring fortunate circumstances: a time for relaxing, releasing, cleansing, renunciation, welcome returns from the past, soul connections, second chances, opportunities to pay off debts, psychological understanding, relief and spiritual awakening.




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