section-line astrological consultation
Natal astrology interprets the client’s birth chart and explores the personal characteristics and traits an individual is most likely to manifest. It is possible to pinpoint what comes easily to a person – their skills, talents, opportunities, ‘blessings’ and sources of joy – and what poses challenges. Life and people are constantly changing, even if it does not always seem like it. The act of becoming aware of where we have our hang-ups, fears and deeply entrenched habits lessens their strong grip on us and means transformation is possible. Habits we may not have noticed can be either accepted or adjusted to make our lives a lot less difficult. On the other hand, when going through an emotionally and mentally demanding time, we may overlook our special talents and skills. Here, astrology can again help to shine a light on forgotten potentials to help a person regain confidence and direction.
As it is possible to forecast the weather, and quite accurately so (compared to just 100 years ago), it is possible to forecast which energies or themes an individual is most likely to experience at any point in time. For this, astrology uses several different techniques (e.g. transits, progressions, directions, solar returns). Transits are among the most effective forecasting methods in astrology. Looking into a person’s transits is tremendously beneficial for people who are going through challenging times and would like to explore when these most likely started and when they are likely to end. Through this tool, one can determine which themes will be active and dominant during a particular period of the individual’s life. A transit occurs when a moving celestial body (e.g. planet) forms a certain angle (aspect) to a point in the birth chart. This point can be, for example, a planet, an axis or a midpoint. When the aspect of a transiting planet becomes exact, it will trigger or activate this point in the birth chart. The transits of the slower-moving planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) will have a longer impact and can be seen as more important than those of the faster-moving planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) and luminaries (Sun and Moon).
This type of astrology uses the birth chart to analyse which themes will evolve around a person’s work and career. Here, the individual’s strengths, talents and limitations are explored, as well as their ability and affinity for working in groups or one to one.
In relationship astrology, two (or more) birth charts are interpreted together in order to see how individuals influence each other (technique: synastry) and how they create a whole new entity: the relationship itself (technique: composite). In accordance with the code of ethics of the Faculty of Astrological Studies, Daliah will look into the chart of a third person only if the client has received this person’s permission to use their birth data. Daliah also does not interpret charts of individuals under the age of 18.
Astrocartography is one of Daliah’s favourite astrological techniques. Having herself lived in many different countries, she is fascinated by this method of creating maps that show what kind of potentials and challenges – regarding relationships, work, creativity or spirituality – can be found at any given place in the world. Clients who are travelling or relocating can consult on which places are most likely to manifest which themes: in some places, one may find love and close friendships easily; in other places, work opportunities or spiritual quests may feature. Furthermore, these themes can also be encountered through people native to these locations. Through this technique, it is not even necessary to travel to make sense of one’s own affinities and dynamics with, for example, people, music or food from certain cultures.
Astro-mapping is the feng shui of astrology. It is a technique that identifies how the placements of the planets at birth – i.e. the birth chart – has an effect on one’s living space. It is an ideal addition to feng shui, the Chinese method of mapping out the energies of a space and then planning, building and decorating accordingly. While feng shui only looks at a space itself, astro-mapping brings the personal chart into the location. While a Mars line going through an area used for workouts can be energising, having your bed or relaxation area on or near the Mars line (or Uranus line) could bring disturbances. By applying simple techniques, one can shift the energies that are not working in one’s favour and so greatly improve working conditions, sleep, relaxation and inspiration – even if sharing a house with others. This technique requires the floor plan of the flat or house as well as an accurate birth time (as all consultations do).