section-line Natal Chart Interpretation

Professional Birth Chart Reading

Natal astrology interprets the client’s birth chart and explores the personal characteristics and traits an individual is most likely to manifest.

It is possible to pinpoint what comes easily to a person – their skills, talents, opportunities, ‘blessings’ and sources of joy – and what poses challenges.

Life and people are constantly changing, even if it does not always seem like it. The act of becoming aware of where we have our hang-ups, fears and deeply entrenched habits lessens their strong grip on us and means transformation is possible.

Habits we may not have noticed can be either accepted or adjusted to make our lives a lot less difficult. On the other hand, when going through an emotionally and mentally demanding time, we may overlook our special talents and skills.

Here, astrology can again help to shine a light on forgotten potentials to help a person regain confidence and direction.