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One Year Astrology Forecast

As it is possible to forecast the weather, and quite accurately so (compared to just 100 years ago), it is possible to forecast which energies or themes an individual is most likely to experience at any point in time. For this, astrology uses several different techniques (e.g. transits, progressions, directions, solar returns). Transits are among the most effective forecasting methods in astrology.

Looking into a person’s transits is tremendously beneficial for people who are going through challenging times and would like to explore when these most likely started and when they are likely to end. Through this tool, one can determine which themes will be active and dominant during a particular period of the individual’s life.

A transit occurs when a moving celestial body (e.g. planet) forms a certain angle (aspect) to a point in the birth chart. This point can be, for example, a planet, an axis or a midpoint.

When the aspect of a transiting planet becomes exact, it will trigger or activate this point in the birth chart.

The transits of the slower-moving planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) will have a longer impact and can be seen as more important than those of the faster-moving planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) and luminaries (Sun and Moon).