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Astro Feng Shui

Astro Feng Shui, also known as Astro-mapping, is a technique that identifies how the placements of the planets at birth – i.e. the birth chart – has an effect on one’s living space.

It is an ideal addition to feng shui, the Chinese method of mapping out the energies of a space and then planning, building and decorating accordingly.

While feng shui only looks at a space itself, astro-mapping brings the personal chart into the location. While a Mars line going through an area used for workouts can be energising, having your bed or relaxation area on or near the Mars line (or Uranus line) could bring disturbances.

By applying simple techniques, one can shift the energies that are not working in one’s favour and so greatly improve working conditions, sleep, relaxation and inspiration – even if sharing a house with others.

This technique requires the floor plan of the flat or house as well as an accurate birth time (as all consultations do).