22 Ways to Stop Vaccine Passports in 2022

Reposted Article by Corey Lynn


1) DO NOT COMPLY. Do not be coerced, bribed, blackmailed, shamed, guilted, manipulated, or intimidated into complying. Civil disobedience is necessary. Businesses and patrons need to rally together to defy this tyranny.

2) Contact your investment advisor or asset manager, give them a list of companies involved in making the vaccine ID passports and pushing the agenda, and tell them you want all of these companies screened out of your savings because you do not wish to finance your own prison. See the list at the end of part 4 in my vaccine passport series here.

3) Vaccine ID Passports, digital identities being pushed by banks, driver’s license facilities, and other industries as a means for “access” or “convenience” should be avoided at all cost.

4) Make everyone you know aware of what this QR code and digital identity is really about, and how they intend to put you on the Blockchain to surveil and control your every move. For more information on this, click here.

5) For USA: Get your sheriffs on board. While tyrannical governors and mayors may try to make illogical and illegal demands on business owners and patrons, including fines in some cases, the sheriff has the power to choose to not enforce it. Mayors are moving quickly on trying to instill demands on businesses. There are 3,081 sheriffs in the U.S. They all need to be contacted by phone, email, and mail. Many of them do not understand the full power that they have and policies they can put in place. I recommend directing them to KrisAnne Hall, a constitutional lawyer who has worked with hundreds of sheriffs, empowering them with information to fight this tyranny, through conferences and one-on-one.

6) Posting small truth statements around communities via flyers, postcards, stickers, or swag with a message. In the words of the corrupt globalists, “flood the message.”

7) When entering an establishment that is demanding to see proof of a jab or negative test, provide them with a card that states, “I will not be a human experiment of a gene therapy jab for a virus that has a 99.98% survival rate,” and do not support that establishment.

8) For USA: Bringing this information to the attention of your legislatures and demanding legislation to block vaccine id passports and digital identity applications is critical. Here is a Model Bill you can copy and paste into a document to attach in an email to your state representative requesting that he/she sponsor it in your state. Some states have already done this. Consider donating to litigators and state legislators who are actually taking action to stop vaccine ID passports and jab mandates.

9) Remove your money from the large banks into smaller, family-owned banks and small credit unions. If 10% of people did this, it would create a huge shift.

10) Build your own family or community energy and food systems. Resilient energy and food supplies will go a long way against their digital financial blackmailing systems.

11) BOYCOTT: Stop feeding the beast – do not spend money at Amazon (here’s why), and big box stores that are building the infrastructure to enslave humanity. When you hurt their bottom line, they are more apt to reverse their demands for employees and patrons. Here are some alternative options.

12) CASH IS KING. Use cash as often as possible, to avoid the hyper-tracking taking place inside bank accounts that are aggregating your data and building your social and climate score, as well as studying spending behaviors of the masses to manipulate industries, supply chains, and markets.

13) Leave your phones at home. Don’t download any data tracking apps, and if you still have a smartphone be sure to stay on top of what data mining apps they are installing into your phone without you even knowing.

14) Limit personal data you provide online, in paper forms, and other sources trying to collect data points on you.

15) For USA: Stop the Federal Vaccine Database Bill H.R. 550 by calling your senators and demanding they oppose it and all other bills that infringe on our medical privacy and expands federal power. It passed the House on November 30, 2021 and is pending in the Senate.

16) Purchasing any products with the word “Smart” in it, isn’t so smart. These products are all used for surveillance purposes via audio, some visual, and data aggregating, not to mention potential integrated mind control technologies. Get Alexa out of your home, and that digital flat screen tv that is spying on you. Here is a checklist of tips for how to better protect yourself when it comes to technology.

17) Here are 5 ways to financial security while building thriving communities outside the system.

18) Clear as many debts as you are able to so you are beholden to no one. Invest in people, learning trade skills, family and community, hard assets, proper schooling for your children which might mean a local homeschool network, local farmers, any necessary supplies or equipment you feel you need, your health and peace of mind.

19) Be sure to bookmark this Covid Resources page where you will find medical, legal, forms, job boards, and information pertaining to fighting this tyranny. Also bookmark this Resource on tracking legal action and legislation against Covid-19 mandates. These are all very helpful tools to have.

20) While the injection is still in the stage of Emergency Use Authorization, it is not legal to require a person to get the injection, and “informed consent” is the law. Though the FDA has approved Pfizer’s Comirnaty jab, Pfizer has chosen to not yet produce it for the U.S., and instead are continuing to supply the EUA jab.

21) As more and more people realize the adverse events and deaths taking place after receiving the jab, they are choosing to not get the boosters. Be there for them. Help them through it and find medical professionals that are aware of what is happening and will assist them.

22) Visualize a better future for all, where these corrupt individuals are stopped in their tracks, and Pray.

Fight the jabs and fight the vaccine ID passports – our future depends on it.


Thank you for supporting and sharing the videos of the brave NHS Workers. They have been getting tremendous traction. Many more still to come, so keep sharing!
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  3. Phone your MP twice a week. Leaving messages if needed, explaining why you are opposed to mandates. Over 100K as well as 60,000 Care Workers to be lost this way, not to mention admin and auxiliary staff. The NHS will not cope.
  4. Download flyers (scroll down to see downloads) print out and deliver some in your area. To save time, you can order 200 (£9) or 400 (£12) here to be sent to you. This is very powerful outreach. People simply aren’t hearing about this on MSM. Doing this in your local area could make a big difference.
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  6. Email and tag key UK mainstream broadcasters (ITV, BBC, Channel 4) asking when they will feature this campaign of NHS workers opposing mandates. THIS CAN BE POWERFUL IF ENOUGH PEOPLE DO IT.
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