For the time being, Daliah is no longer offering astrological consultations nor any other astrological work, as she is focusing on her spiritual practice. For a list of other recommended astrologers, please visit the Faculty of Astrological Studies’ website https://www.astrology.org.uk/consult-an-astrologer/

Daliah Roth practises modern Western astrology. In her approach, Daliah focuses on the client’s potentials and challenges, which the birth chart reveals. Here, she emphasises the individual’s skills, talents and opportunities to aid clients in their self-exploration and transformation in the fields of relationships, work or creativity. Through looking at transits, she can consult and guide clients through challenging times, being able to pinpoint when challenges began and when they will potentially end. For people who relocate or travel, she can consult on the opportunities and challenges waiting for the querent in particular locations (astrocartography). Through relationship astrology (synastry and composites), Daliah can look into the ease and challenges that will arise in a relationship between two people.