30 April 2022: SOLAR ECLIPSE at 10° Taurus


To celebrate the solar eclipse today, conjunct my unaspected natal Sun in the 8th house, I would like to share this open letter from an inspiring spiritual teacher, Shunyamurti, about the so-called “Pandemic” and current events. He is, in fact, the only spiritual teacher of Eastern traditions I have found that has had the courage to speak out about the current atrocities being inflicted by governments onto its peoples and has been continuously doing so for the past two years.

The spiritual bypassing of spiritual leaders all over the world, their silence and resistance to openly address the mass-hypnosis and mass-psychosis even just within their own following, has left me in shock. Most people state they would have helped Jews and other victims during Nazi Germany. Yet today these same people are unable to do the simplest of things: question the inconsistencies, lies and misconduct of their “rulers”, while they happily police their fellow humans to adhere to unlawfully implemented rules and regulations based on non-science, cheering on the censorship of real experts and their peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Looking the other way will only exacerbate the problems. And we know the ensuing karma can not be stopped. As the Buddha taught: there is the ultimate truth and the relative truth. The relative truth is that we are living in a sea of lies and propaganda. And it is our responsibility as adults to discern what the powers at be are feeding us through their various channels, and what they are omitting. It is also our duty to fight for our human rights. Let us never forget that freedom of speech, freedom of travel and movement, and the freedom to work and trade are our divinely given rights. No need to show proof of a medical intervention or a positive social credit score through a digital ID as a prerequisite to engage in these matters.

At minimum, we owe it to the future of our children, and to our forefathers and -mothers who have died fighting for our freedoms, to now stand up and say NO to the current Great Reset pushed by the World Economic Forum, the WHO´s International Pandemic Response Treaty and various bills around the world aiming for total and complete internet censorship. In the UK, proposals to change the Human Rights Act are in process as we speak.

The planned measures will strip all nations and individuals of their sovereignty and control every minute detail of our lives: where we live, what and how much we eat, when and where we are allowed to travel, how far we are allowed to venture away from our homes, who is allowed to grow food or access the internet, who we are allowed to interact and procreate with and what we are allowed to say and think. For more information on these measures, please see the very well researched articles of the Corbettreport.com and Rosa Koire´s explanation of Agenda2030 https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/rosa-koire-explains-agenda-21-and-the-great-reset/.

The implementation of this facist bio-security state under the guise of “health and safety” is going full steam ahead while most people are distracted by proxy wars (even if real and horrendous) and court cases of celebrities. However, at this moment we still can explore and choose an alternative path. There are countless of people all over the world choosing a different way, finding their tribe, building up a free society based on love and trust, honouring common/natural and divine law – without a ruling elite that has zero interest in the thriving of humanity. If you are interested in becoming active yourself, finding freedom groups in your area, here are a few links that may help you in your search:









And now to Sunyamurti …


Critical Communiqué:
A State of the World Report
by Shunyamurti

Open Letter to the International Legal Team
Investigating the Corona Operation


Having been asked recently by a member of Reiner Fuellmich’s extraordinary international legal team to offer a spiritual perspective on the factors underlying the current situation that they are calling the Corona Operation, Shunyamurti responded with an open letter to the attorneys and witnesses. We have posted this below.

A unique, multi-level diagnosis of the sickness that has taken over the collective human consciousness is outlined here. Shunyamurti has also offered a remedy for the problem. This involves the prerequisite of elevating our consciousness, purifying the noosphere of demonic energies, and gaining the standing needed to appeal to the highest court of cosmic jurisdiction. Please share this with others.



Blessings to all the attorneys, legal assistants, and courageous witnesses delving into the current situation in order to bring truth into the open, and justice, health, and freedom back to our world. You are wonderful role models of what all of us should be doing now. Speaking truth is commanded by moral necessity. All must uphold our duties to humanity, to law, to our oaths of office, and to the service of God.

As an avowed yogi, my duty is to attain the highest possible level of consciousness and to share the wisdom gained both from the study of the insights of the great sages, and from downloading information directly from the Supreme Self that can help us understand more deeply the implications of this critical moment in human history, and change the trajectory of our destiny.

I was asked by a member of your team to offer a message that could be of use to your effort. There is little I can add to assist at the level of jurisprudence or the facticity of the events that are the subject of your evidentiary inquiry. But perhaps I can help to clarify the larger context in which we are all functioning, both within and beyond the spacetime continuum in which our minds and bodies are acting as agents either of the matrix of illusion or of the real Sovereign Power.

Our message is as follows: We live under seven different systems of law simultaneously, and all of them must be recognized and addressed accurately if we are to succeed in our sacred task. You are working

Reiner Fuellmich with members of the Corona Investigation Team (Antonia Fischer, Viviane Fischer, Justus Hoffmann and Reiner Fuellmich. © imago/Reiner Zensen)

directly within the juridical law of nations and the international legal system. Juridical law has, unfortunately, only limited jurisdiction in the case that is currently in process. One reason for this is that we have entered a state of exception—a term elaborated by the philosopher Giorgio Agamben—in which the customary rights and privileges of citizenship have been nullified, and humans have been reduced to forms of bare life, not much different from cattle or other animals raised either as beasts of burden or for slaughter and consumption. The legal systems of nation-states no longer provide protection from genocide, as they have become open accomplices.

Moreover, as the crime is not limited to any single nation, no juridical legal system has actual jurisdiction. Sovereignty has been lost by the nominal governments of the world, and all relevant bureaucracies serve a hidden power that is able to enact its will despite all the checks and balances promised and delineated in the constitutions of nations, the Nuremberg Code, the Hippocratic Oath, or any other commandments of secular or religious law. Those governments and religious establishments are now in de facto execution of a mandate to destroy their own populations while concealing that purpose through the takeover of all major forms of communication, which are being filled with disinformation.

In light of this realignment of political forces, the actual sovereign is no longer approachable through legal means. The human realm of action must now be led in a revolutionary mode. We must have recourse to the other six systems of law that remain accessible to the influence of our consciousness.

These can be adumbrated as the Law of Karma, the Law of Civilizations, Cosmic Law, the Law of Nature, the Law of Time, and Divine Law, or the Law of God.

While the human justice systems can become corrupted and lose legitimacy, the same is not true of these higher systems of law. And this forces us to take responsibility for the events that have altered our existential circumstances. If we seek a positive outcome, it will require our own inner transformation. We cannot simply beg for mercy of the Court.

The Law of Karma determines the fate of every individual soul, and the living conditions that must be encountered throughout the cycle of time. Since our current cycle is now approaching its Omega Point (a fact that we can support in a more comprehensive brief), all karma is being settled in an accelerated and intensified manner in these final days. The quality of one’s life is governed by one’s decision to be spiritually awake or to remain asleep. The situation we now face in the world is the result of the collective karma of all the souls on the planet, who are subconsciously choosing to terminate the human story by acquiescing to enslavement and execution by injection, starvation, and war.

At the next level, the Law of Civilizations determines the lifespan of any social order. Once such an order becomes corrupt, savagely aggressive, and internally unjust to its members, it rapidly declines and then suffers a sudden collapse, having lost legitimacy of authority. Bankruptcy of every sort ensues, while simultaneously the environmental support—food supply, drinking water, geophysical stability, and organizational coherence—all disappear. We are at the brink of such a cataclysm right now, and so, regardless of the outcome of the Corona Operation, the demise of global civilization is imminent.

Moreover, Cosmic Law has been violated by the human species by its intention to bring its warlike behavior beyond the limits of the planet, and because of its technological capacities for destruction and possible violent colonization of other worlds, humanity has lost its right to remain at the top of the Earth’s food chain, or to determine its own destiny as a sovereign species—having lost the power of sustaining its planetary immune system via the noosphere because its vibrational frequency has fallen too low—and has now been relegated to slave status by more advanced beings from other worlds who have broken the hegemony of human control of the planet’s ecosystem. By secretly infiltrating the human military-political hierarchies, they have initiated the current operation that amounts to a takedown of the command and control apparatus of human societies and elimination of the species. Our locus standi to complain to cosmic authorities about this invasion has been nullified by our own aggressivity and failure to comply with the cosmic law of nonviolence.

Humanity has likewise violated the Law of Nature through our malfeasance in relation to other species of life forms. We were tasked by God to act as stewards of this beautiful garden planet. But instead, we turned it into a wasteland. By disseminating toxic chemicals into the environment; by not managing our industrial waste; by dispersing non-bio-degradable objects into the oceans and on all the land masses of the Earth; by producing massive amounts of radioactive waste that destroys life directly and building nuclear reactors that inevitably fail and leak further radioactivity into the environment; by producing an overload of greenhouse gases; and finally by engaging in biological warfare as well as building up arsenals of thermonuclear warheads and proliferating them around the planet; we have created conditions that already include initiating a die-off of so many species that the web of life itself has been terminally damaged. Thus, the intelligence of Gaia, the self of planetary Nature, is taking action to eliminate the human parasitic species—through seismic and volcanic action primarily, but also in consonance with solar activity that penetrates the weakened planetary magnetosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere.

To top all that off, the Law of Time is approaching the midnight hour, the day of doom. The clock is ticking to a countdown that will end not only this misbegotten age of Egocentric Man, but this entire temporal cycle altogether. Time is a function of entropy. We are entropically exhausted because we have squandered our creativity as well as our natural resources. Having lost our intelligence, our goodness, and our sacred calling as children of God, made in the image of God, our right to exist has been terminated. A matter-antimatter collision has been arranged that will annihilate all trace of our existence and withdraw human consciousness back into its ultimate Source.

Our final hope is to appeal directly to Divine Law, the Law of God. Since the evil actions of the human ego are responsible for the current situation in which we find ourselves, only a voluntary sacrifice of the ego can nullify the requirement of punishment for its wrongdoing. By returning to God-consciousness while still functioning through a living body, we can recognize the cosmic perfection of what is happening, and by regaining our atrophied spiritual powers, we can prepare conditions for the rebirth of a world that abides in goodness, fulfilling our responsibility for protecting the Creation, relating to all with divine love, and living in the wisdom that comes from remaining egoless.

In sum, the message of the perennial spiritual traditions of humanity is to rejoin the unified field of infinite consciousness. If a critical number of us resonate at that vibrational frequency, we can bring the sovereign power of divine law to bear to halt the crimes that are now being committed. We can return our world—which is only a dream in the Absolute Mind—to a state of divine beauty and peace, if we are able to gain victory over the lower mental forces within.

In transcendent unity,


Reiner Fuellmich – Summary of findings of the Corona Investigative Committee Status 09/15/2021