Gemini, symbol of the twins, born after Taurus and before Cancer – what does this sign evoke in you? Do images of friends and celebrities pop up with thoughts like “Ohhhh, I really love him/her!” or “Ohhh nooo! So-and-so feels really irritating”? Whether we feel fondness, agitation, indifference, or know nothing about it, Gemini is one of the most misunderstood signs of the Zodiac. Inaccurate myths circulate the internet describing Geminis as being “two-faced”, “a Jack of all trades” or even “spilt personality”. Let us bust some of these hard-held beliefs and unravel the mysteries of this beautiful sign for a better understanding of what makes it truly tick.

Firstly, not all Geminis are alike. This is because when we call someone a Gemini, we only mean that they were born at some point between the 21st of May and the 21st of June. When people ask, “What sign are you?”, they actually mean, “Which month were you were born in – your so-called Sun sign?”. As roughly a twelfth of the human population is born under any one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, it’s very unlikely that the people united under one sign will all be alike.

This explains how Prince, Marilyn Monroe, Queen Victoria, John F. Kennedy, Obama and Trump can all be Gemini. The expression of your character is influenced by so much more than your Sun sign. Depending on what sign of the Zodiac your Ascendant, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the outer planets were in at the time of your birth, and how they act in relationship with each other (all shown in the natal birth chart), you can be a lot like, or quite unlike, Gemini. And, to make everything even more interesting, people that are a totally different Sun sign, but who have their Moon or Ascendant in Gemini, may be surprisingly like a Gemini.

Born between spring and summer, when the season is unpredictable and the air can turn chilly in an instant, Gemini reflects this time of year with its own seemingly unpredictable nature. Many are surprised when first faced with sudden mood variations – perhaps with an on/off quality – and wonder what, if anything, has gone ‘wrong’ with their twinfriend. This is, in fact, Gemini’s natural mechanism of high adaptability to the ever-changing circumstances of its outer and inner world.

As part of the Sagittarius-Virgo-Pisces group, Gemini is a mutable sign: flexible, adjustable, dancing with (and around) life’s impermanent conditions. Unlike the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio), it has the capacity to give way, to make modifications, and not dig its heels in. When faced with an obstacle, it will go around it. If the pressure is on, it will simply change. This makes for good cooperation, a great colleague and a friendly team player.

Associated with the element of air, Gemini is like the wind. It can cover a lot of ground very quickly, and it loves to experience as much as it can! This can make it seem detached and impersonal. Rather than feel, Gemini tends to rationalise feelings, bringing logic and objectivity to emotional situations, to the dismay of more watery types (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces), who may lack a sense of empathy. Indeed, coolness can sometimes cause hurt feelings, but it is not intentional.

Unless the chart indicates otherwise, these individuals are just not interested in delving into the intense depths of any given subject and can experience profound personal connecting as heavy and confining. They love to socialise and keep it light, making for highly witty and well-informed conversation partners, thanks to an insatiable curiosity about pretty much everything and anything. The downsides are a much lower threshold for boredom than any other sign, running out of steam quickly, and leaving projects unfinished. Remember, there is just so much more to encounter!

Ultimately, a Gemini’s mind is nothing short of brilliant, with a constant flow of great ideas. Nothing brings more joy to it than learning! And so, if you are ever feeling down or stuck in a rut, this youthful, high-energy sign can bring healing with its capacity to refresh, transform and enchant even the most mundane interaction. Search out that Gemini and get charmed!




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This article was published in May 2019 in Glasshouse Journal: https://www.glasshousejournal.co.uk/post/astrology-with-daliah-roth-gemini.