On Sunday we have the new moon in Capricorn and a partial solar eclipse, which can already be felt today but will only be seen in North East Asia. Its effects can last for up to six months. New moon is a time where we leave the old habits of the past behind and discover new attitudes to make a fresh start. A solar eclipse is like a supersonic new moon, really shaking us out of our rut to break our habitual patterns, letting us become aware of the imbalances we have in our lives. Saturn gives this eclipse a more serious and conservative overtone, while the harmonious star Vega brings an optimistic, generous and creative influence. Saturn provides us with discipline and patience to fulfill our duties and obligations, but it can also cause us to become critical and emotionally reserved.

Nonetheless, this can be a time of high achievements, recognition and promotions, and other´s may look up to us for stability and wisdom. The structures in our lives may need tending to, from our home to our daily routine. This is a good solar eclipse to simplify and bring efficiency to our life, to de-clutter and remove the dead wood, so our goals will be easier achievable. Next to Saturn and Vega, Neptune also influences this solar eclipse, amplifying our sensitivity, empathy and even psychic abilities. Whenever Neptune is in involved, it is the perfect time for spiritual group activities and expressing one´s care through service to others. Neptune´s magical influence never fails to bring inspiration, insight, greater self-awareness and contentment.

DISCLAIMER: Not everyone is affected by every eclipse, full or new moon. The effects can vary greatly, from people who may not feel anything at all to others that have deeply profound experiences. It really depends on your natal chart and how attuned you are to the collective consciousness. MOST EFFECTED by this new moon/solar eclipse are people with planets or angles (Ascendant, Descendant, MC, IC) in 12° – 18° of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra. Also, people with planets or angles in Cancer are sensitive to any Moon phases.


By Daliah Roth, The Highgate Astrologer 

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