Today´s new moon is in the fiery, dramatic sign of Leo. It is also a solar eclipse, the last eclipse of this year, and a turbocharge for the next six months. It is a time where we leave the old habits of the past behind and discover new attitudes to make a fresh start. Working on the blank canvas of the dark sky, its a time where our ideas gestate in new soil, a total re-set. Eclipses bring the unexpected, empowering us into action. All phenomena are impermanent and it is Leo, the majestic king of the jungle, who gives us the creativity and courage to now change. He shows us with his integrity and warm-hearted optimism what truly brings us joy.

This eclipse is influenced by Mercury – planet of communication, contemplation and debate – in challenging aspect to Jupiter and Pluto, so that heated discussions regarding power and control are likely to ignite. We are tested here in our capacity for moderation, as Jupiter loves to blow things up big time. Mercury in retrograde can also bring disruptions to negotiations, travels and electronics – but, like everything else, its only temporary.

Luckily, Mercury gives a great sense of humor, charm and instinctive timing to any project birthed at this moment. It is now that we are given the opportunity to deeply explore within ourselves where and how we feel stuck in our own ways. Leo is all about joy, nudging us now to release anything that is outmoded and not serving us anymore and to expand beyond our comfort zone. Let out that inner child, get your talents out of storage, be larger than life, it’s OK! Because the universe adores you!

DISCLAIMER: Not everyone is affected by every eclipse, full or new moon. The effects can vary greatly, from people who may not feel anything at all to others that have deeply profound experiences. It really depends on your natal chart and how attuned you are to the collective consciousness. MOST EFFECTED by this eclipse are people with planets or angles (Ascendant, Descendant, MC, IC) in 13° – 23° of Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio. Also, people with planets or angles in Cancer are sensitive to any Moon phases.


By Daliah Roth, The Highgate Astrologer 


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