Initial reading: Chart interpretation and forecast (60–70 min)


Using the astrological principles of modern western astrology, this reading is an exploration of the potentials and challenges of your personality, as they are most likely to manifest in your life. The forecast looks at the main planetary cycles that are affecting your life at the moment, as well as in the upcoming 12 months, using the techniques of transits, progressions, directions and solar return.

Initial reading – Reduced student fee (60–70 min)


This is the same reading as above but at a discounted price for full-time students.

Follow-up reading (60 min)


This reading is for returning clients that book within 12 months of their initial consultation. As the information that can be extracted from a natal chart is so extensive, it’s impossible to fully discuss it all in one reading. Hence, this consultation is for clients that wish to explore in more depth the many layers of their natal chart or shine light on specific themes (e.g. romantic relationships, family, communication ability, finances, career, artistic expression). Many clients also wish to explore the ever-changing influence of transiting planets on their current circumstances, usually at the beginning of a new year or around the time of their birthday, when the solar energy starts a new personal cycle with fresh opportunities and insights.


Add-ons (to be added to the cost of a reading)


Chart comparison (synastry/composites)

£30 per chart

This is an add-on for clients that wish to look at another person’s chart and compare it to their own in order to explore the relationship dynamics between the two. You must have the permission of the other person to use their chart to book this add-on.


£20 for two different locations (excl. one’s birthplace)

This is an add-on for clients that wish to examine locations on the planet they feel drawn to visit or relocate to. We will explore the opportunities and challenges these locations may offer.